Poggio Costruzioni in ferro
di Poggio Maurizio Bruno

Via Fratelli Panaro 16
15012 Bistagno (AL)

Phone: 0144/79166

Mobile: 338/5067972

E-mail: info@poggiocostinferro.it

About us

Launched in 1920 by Poggio Eugenio the activities of the company Poggio Costruzioni in ferro has been handed down for three generations passing in Poggio Giacomo and Poggio Maurizio, retaining all of the features and techniques of the craft and also making use of new technologies.
We specialize in the manufacturing of wrought iron in the forge that execute concurrently with carpentry work, all supplied by the client to design or designed by us, according to requirements and specifications of the customer.
The passion that drives us to always find new strength in the thought that the best work is yet to be realized and that the nobility of the material that is why we work with almost one hundred years of working IRON !

Where we are and how to reach us

Getting here is easy via the free Google Maps. Click on the button 'directions' ("Indicazioni stradali" in Italian Google Map) inside of the map and enter your starting location to automatically obtain the shortest path (updated in real time with the traffic situation) to get to us.